21 candidates of Asian descent run for Congress (2012/11/06)





[[美國聯邦眾議員 趙美心]] 
“許多移民來到這個國家時,並未真的很熟悉美國政治體系,你其實被期待要參與(這個體系) ,如果不表達自己的意見,那就永遠不會被聽到,你的需求就無法被滿足”


[[紐約州聯邦眾議員候選人 孟昭文]]



US voters will also head to the polls to choose new members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Twenty-one of the candidates are of Asian heritage, a record number. 

Judy Chu is the first female of Chinese descent to be elected to the US House of Representatives. She is receiving a warm reception from supporters and barring any unexpected surprises, she should handily win tomorrow, successfully undertaking her third term of office.

In this year's elections you can see a subtle change in US politics, with the number of candidates with Asian heritage seeking office on Capitol Hill hitting a new high. This includes 18 Democratic candidates and three Republicans. 

Judy Chu
US Congresswoman 
Many immigrants come to this country not really being familiar with the American political system in which you really are expected to participate. If you don’t raise your voice you will never be heard and your needs will not be met. 

New York State Assemblywoman Grace Meng of Queens is a Taiwanese-American lawyer. She not only won over Asian supporters in her Democratic congressional primary but also gained 45 percent support from Jewish voters. 

Grace Meng
House of Representatives Candidate
I want to do whatever I can to build relationships with people on both sides of the aisle to ensure that they realize the needs of people in my district and whatever I can do to help them to facilitate me to bring resources back to Queens.

Another candidate for the House is Tammy Duckworth, whose mother is of Thai-Chinese ancestry. She is the Democratic nominee in Illinois 8th Congressional District.

Another Asian candidate is Japanese-American Mark Takano, who if elected will be the first openly gay, Asian-American member of congress.


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